Kind, gentle and fully dressed | Vernissage Photos


Below are the photos from the opening of my exhibition “Kind, gentle and fully dressed” by the wonderful Julia Schwendner / ThisIsJulia Photography. Once again she managed to capture the beautiful spirit of that night so well!

And what a wonderful and very special place this version of the heliumcowboy artspace is! And not just to me. Not sure of there are many galleries with this atmosphere. Thank you to everyone who visited this show or one of the openings this year.

The exhibition is on display until January 20, 2019. If you wish to visit, please drop me a note or contact the gallery. And of course Follow me on instagram, I’ll post all valuable info and opening times there too.

The exhibited work can be seen on Artsy. Exhibition views are here on this site.

There is a (german language) podcast out where I talk with Andreas O. Loff about the new work and the exhibition, you can find it here:

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