New logo for my heliumtalk podcast

Bam, here it is - the new logo / icon for my podcast heliumTALK. Yes it's an original woodcut (tweaked a bit in photoshop) and yes it's not shiny-designy but very much Alex Diamond. 💪

The first podcast of 2019 launches Tuesday, January 15 (Tuesday will be my regular launch date from now on). For that one I spoke with Charlotte Gaitzch & Franziska Storch from Saloon Hamburg.

I am also currently producing my recording with Michael Hein (Millernton) and will be launching part 3 of mny conversation with Jonathan LeVine (Jonathan LeVine Projects) Tuesday, January 22nd.

To listen to the previous episodes of my podcast visit www.heliumtalk.com, but ideally subscribe to heliumtalk on iTunes, Spotify, etc. ... if you don't have it already, get a good app on your mobile device for all your podcasts.