magazine drawings

The whole thing started way back - I was always drawn to scribbling on magazine pages, and in 2007 I created the first huge amount of these drawings for an exhibition shown in Hamburg & New York. Done it before and doing it still, but not for a while with such a huge output.  

When starting again with the magazine drawings in May 2012 after a 5-year break, i was fueled once again by the raw simplicity and directness of creating this part of my work - the instinctive, rough drawings over magazine pages or photographs, which uses just a tiny fraction of the tools and styles i've been applying in my work these past years, and probably in the simplest and purest form. After a large output of magazine drawings in 2012 I have reduced this work again due to the nature of my woodwork, which often consumes all of my time. I do still some drawings in between, mostly on original photographs though ("Photodrawings", see some of them here).

Below are all the magazine drawings I scanned ... some are lost. Since 2012 I keep track of the magazines and the photographers, who have my biggest respect for their work. I hope none of you takes this as ripping off your work, nothing would be further away from my intention.

Note: It's a ton of images to load (roundabout 200), so please be patient (especially on a smartphone). 



Magazine drawings, 2012



Magazine drawings, 2007