New Woodcut for series #gefaelltdas

Alex Diamond: Gefaellt 4.479 Mal (2016)
Acrylfarbe auf Holzschnitt, 32 x 45 x 5 cm | Instagram users @myladalbesio @insaanimal

Oh well. Here's finally another pair of my Instagram woodcuts from the series #gefaelltdas. But they're different from the other ones - on one hand, even though both individually are the standard size and all, they belong together and stand in a contextual relationship to each other (so it's a modern diptych). And on the other hand they are uniquely "framed". These frames though are an integral part of the work. I will explain if you ask, but maybe the work process images below already give you an idea. 

The Instagram screenshots I turned into woodcuts are by the users @myladalbesio @insaanimal