Everyday Problems - The Shunga Series

If you do not wish to see the uncensored artwork of this series, if you are under age or if you have problems with explicit sexual images, please do not click the image or the link below to view the full story.

„Everyday Problems: The Shunga Series“ is a new series of mostly small format woodcuts, that I started in March 2017. It is very different compared to my main body of work in regards to theme/background and visualization, but not in aesthetics, technique or style. It is a side-project, and to better understand why I use pornographic images in context with written (carved) descriptions of everyday problems, please continue reading here.

The first six works premiere at the Galerie Wolfsen in Aalborg in the group exhibition URBAN EYE, opening April 22nd (until May 13). I will be showing alongside an amazing line up of artists: El Mac, DOPPELDENK, STRØK, Claus Frederikson, Rune Christensen and ECK (Konrad Beikirch). I will be in attendance at the opening in Aalborg (Saturday April 22, 11 am – 2 pm).