We're Here To Stay | Documentary

I am super excited about this brand new documentary of my work: Over the course of many weeks in 2017, filmmaker Kai Klinke visited me in my studio to capture the creation of the sculptural woodcut "We're Here To Stay" and all the different stages of my work process. It is an intimate view into my workshop (and we also made a small campfire in the backyard).

I am very happy with the result and cannot praise Kai's work enough. I hope this film helps to understand better how I approach and realize my art, and how my multi-layered, meticulously built and highly detailed sculptural woodcuts are unique. 

I am always rambling about how difficult it is to present my work on the internet, and maybe this film can help translate my craft for the online world.


Alex Diamond: We're Here To Stay (2017)
Multi-layered woodcut, acrylic paint, , ca. 80 x 55 x 12 cm