HELLO MY DEAR - exhibition & re-opening of heliumcowboy


Can‘t wait to show you my new series of woodcuts/paintings I am working on right now to be finished for Hello my Dear, the Re-opening of the Heliumcowboy Artspace this Saturday (March 24, 7 pm).

Inspired by the music of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis and blending it with country and punk in my head (and on the record player at the studio) it is a sweet little in-between group of works that merges my past as a painter with my woodcutting techniques of today.

Feels really good to be working this way for now ... Well. Lot’s of words, best you come around this Saturday in Hamburg and take a look yourselves:

Opening Saturday March 24, 19:00 – 23:00
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Work in progress on my new series of work - THE FREEDOM PAINTINGS. To be launched Saturday, March 24, at heliumcowboy in Hamburg.

Work in progress on my new series of work - THE FREEDOM PAINTINGS. To be launched Saturday, March 24, at heliumcowboy in Hamburg.


Video from the opening of the exhibition "Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2" by Philip Simon / Silberblick.co

This winter, from November 11 – December 15, my friend and fellow artist Victor Castillo and me embark once again on the journey of a joint exhibition. A cooperation we begun in 2014 with the first edition of "Weapons Of Mass Seduction" - we feel our work fits very well together, in it we tell stories of similar reference and we do have the same taste in art, movies and music, which mirrors a lot in our pop-oriented creations. A perfect match, despite the very different techniques we use.

We always wanted to do a sequel to this 2014 show, and finally we managed to find the time and the support for a second edition. While our concept is not exclusively tied to the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg, it was the most obvious to do it here again.  Which said - we are both open to show the third edition in a different city, country and gallery ...

Anyway. The Opening on Nov 11 was a blast! Here are a lot of gallery views from the exhibition. There will be a video and some images later from the opening, too. And all the exhibited artwork can be found on the gallery's artsy-page.  

Oh and here's a video from the opening back in 2014 ....

Video from the exhibition Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION September 13-27, 2014, in Hamburg presented by heliumcowboy gallery / Film by Kool Motion Pictures / Tobias Sundermann / Music: Walkin' by NITRO17 

Now on youtube: clubkinder artist talk at heliumcowboy

Im ersten Teil unserer neuen Reihe spricht der Hamburger Künstler Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond über sich und seine Arbeit. Als Urgestein der Hamburger Kunstszene teilt er seine Beobachtungen und Einschätzungen zur aktuellen Situation der Kunst und des Kunstmarktes in Hamburg mit uns. Durch den Abend führen der Clubkinder e.V.

In case you missed it live at the heliumcowboy gallery or on TV last Sunday - here's the full video from the clubkinder artist talk with me, which was held on January 22 at our gallery. I was interviewed by Jannes Vahl, founder of the social organization clubkinder e.V., which supports social projects in Hamburg. Jörg donated one of his trademark Alex Diamond-photodrawings (see here), which was auctioned for the benefit of Sport ohne Grenzen e.V., a youth basketball project in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

Here is part 2 with the Q&A by the auditorium: 

The artist talk is a new program at heliumcowboy. Together with clubkinder e.V. and TIDE TV, we will hold regular artist talks at our space that are beeing screened on TV and streamed online.

Images from THE exhibition #PEEK at heliumcowboy

View from the group exhibition #PEEK at heliumcowboy in Hamburg.

View from the group exhibition #PEEK at heliumcowboy in Hamburg.

Images from the exhibition and the vernissage of #PEEK, an international group show taking place at the heliumcowboy gallery until end of May 2015, can be found online here. The show features the amazing talents of ADAMEVA, Julia Benz, Victor Castillo, Jo Fischer, Boris Hoppek, Elmar Lause and David Shillinglaw and should not be missed if you are in Hamburg. Head over to heliumcowboy.com for visiting times and a lot more images from the opening!

Vernissage photos by Tamara Gries