In the press: Alex Diamond for 'Artists for Geberit' | Win exclusive bathroom luxury edition

Feature in german magazine 'Places of Spirit' about my exclusive art edition for the project 'Artists for Geberit'. 

Happy to announce my participation in „Artist for Geberit“, a new project by Geberit and heliumcowboy. You can win my artwork exclusively printed (only once!!!) on the glass surfaces of the Geberit „Monolith“ toilet and washbasin modules - here’s a link to more information and how to take part.

Also I am stoked about the other artists that will be creating work for "Artists for Geberit": Julia Benz & Jeff Soto! Their artwork will follow in July & August (stay tuned).

Below are some images from my designs and the development process as well as some mock-ups with the luxury bathroom elements you can win.