I am very excited to announce the launch of a new T-shirt - I believe the first one I made in 8 years or so. And what a special one: This T-shirt marks the official launch of the 'Hamburg Chapter' of FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans, a Canadian Fanclub of the FS St. Pauli.

Why oh why? Well, it is a longer story, It began with Melvin living in Toronto for a while back in 2016. He wanted to watch the games of our team, so he found the Fanclub run by Mark & Mari Palmer, and they watched the matches together at a bar with a bunch of other Sankt Pauli fans. When I visited my son in Toronto I also was infected by the friendliness and hospitality of these wonderful Canadian supporters, and after a while we planned to launch an informal Chapter of the club in Hamburg. Just because we can and because it embraces the barrier- and border-free mentality of St. Pauli Fans. More about this on their website.

Now, we'll launch this Chapter. And I made this T-shirt for it. And it can be pre-ordered now in the heliumcowboy online-store.

A portion of the sales will go towards a children’s art project we are launching this year together with charity Clubkinder e.V. from Hamburg. Neither the artist nor the gallery will make any profit from this product.

Artist Statement

The very typical Alex Diamond-characters that organically embrace the skull and the wording are a symbol for the friendship and connection amongst Sankt Pauli supporters wherever you are in the world. These characters are a part of my artwork for at least as long as my 20-year long membership with the FCSP, and choosing to include the political and social statement that was also on the first T-shirt I was given by Mark Palmer, the founder of the Toronto Fanclub in Canada 2019 was highly important to me - now more than ever in these troubled times. 

I know that a T-shirt or a sticker will not make the world a better place, but it can spread the word and show our resistance, and you cannot repeat enough that this world is no place for homophobia, fascism, sexism, racism or hate. Not now, nor ever.