What images do you conjure when you think of David & Goliath? I stumbled across this ancient biblical „story“ recently in a very contemporary context and immediately asked myself this question. 

I had many pictures in mind, but none of them was biblical or even close to the portentous meaning of the battle. Researching and pondering, I came farther away from the main theme and was rather intrigued by the individual characters and their meaning in todays‘ society. By seperating David and Goliath from each others and approaching them in a modern context, they became your everyerday King and Warrior, with exactly those words „gang-tattoed“ on their chests, ruling and battling and struggling with routines and common life, without ever loosing their majestic and impressive presence.   

These works can be mounted on a wall or placed free-standing. They consists of 2 parts that are easy to assembly - just slide the character into the base.

They are part of MIST OF MADNESS, a group show guest-curated by Rasmus Fischer (Galerie Wolfsen) at the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg, November 4–26. Vernissage November 4, 6-10 PM (Facebook event)