Consolidating my social media and great photos by Jo Fischer

Photo ©Jo Fischer

Photo ©Jo Fischer

This is one off the photos my friend Jo Fischer shot recently when he visited me in at my farmhouse up north in my own personal #cowboyland … Jo truly is a remarkable photographer.

But I’d like to say something else with this series of images (2 more below) …

I am making some changes to my social media channels, it is just too much to post to AlexDiamond-heliumcowboy-heliumtalk on facebook-instagram-twitter all the f***ing time … that is unhealthy. I think. So I decided to consolidate all this and post mostly on the @heliumcowboy instagram from now on.

Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be there: All the gallery news and artists work, all the new podcasts, my art, my woodworking, my tractor, my public life … so if you don’t already - please follow me on @heliumcowboy⠀

The @alexxxdiamond account on instagram will stay, sure, but it will be a portfolio of my work. Let’s see if my life gets easier. And thank you if you’ve read all the way down to here.

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com


Detail from my wall installation for the exhibition COWBOYLAND, to be revealed at the opening July 15.

Guys, we are getting closer to a very special event - in a bit more than a month I hope many of you will join me to celebrate 15 years of heliumcowboy artspace, the gallery I have founded in the year 2002 in a small space in Hamburg St.Pauli, a stone's throw away from the Millerntorstadium.

I have invited 57 artists for COWBOYLAND, our anniversary show opening July 15, that we will celebrate not only at the current gallery space in the Neustadt, but also in the backyard with a sweet summer party program, starting early in the afternoon at 3 pm!

I am so thrilled about the incredible line-up we got together for this, so happy that all these amazing artists confirmed to show with us on this special day: 

4000 * 56K/Ole Utikal * ADAMEVA * Adrian Landon Brooks * Alex Diamond * Alekseij Mirnij * Alex Yanes * Andrea Wan * Antonio Santin * Beau Stanton * Ben Tolman * Ben Venom * Blami * Boris Hoppek * Casey McKee * Christophe Lambert * David Shillinglaw * Elmar Lause * Frank Rösner * Gary Taxali * Heiko Müller * Heiko Zahlmann * Jan Kaláb * Henning Kles * Jade Townsend * Jay Olé  * Jaybo Monk * Jeff Soto * Jens Rausch * Jeremy Fish * Jim Avignon * Jo Fischer * Jon Burgerman * Jon Todd * Julia Benz * Mario Kleinschmidt * Mercedes Helnwein * melv12* Michel Lamoller * Mikael Takács * Milos Koptak * Miroir Noir * moki * Morten Andersen * Pandarosa * Rai Escalé * Rainer Boronowski * Rune Christensen * Ryan Monahan * Samuel Basset * Stefan Groenveld * The London Police * Victor Castillo * Volkano * Wasted Rita * Will Barras * Zezão

It has been quite a ride ... I will share some memories with you on heliumcobwoy.com over the next weeks, please check this link for the latest stories.

hugs & kisses ❤️ & thank you for 15 great years!

Facebook event:  Cowboyland - the first 15 years of the heliumcowboy artspace 
More info at heliumcowboy.com 

Interview in "Hamburgstories"

Read the complete story at "Hamburgstories" - click image to visit that page. Photo © Uta Gleiser

Read the complete story at "Hamburgstories" - click image to visit that page. Photo © Uta Gleiser

There is a very honest interview about my art and about heliumcowboy, the gallery I founded 15 years ago, over at hamburgstories.de . And some really nice shots from my studio by blog-author and photographer Uta Gleiser. Thank you for featuring me, Uta!

Wohnidee Suite: My drawings for the Bohemian Loft at the Radisson

© Alex Diamond

Here's something different: My drawings on bathroom furniture in a Hotel Suite for a nice project with GeberitKeramagWohnidee Magazine & JOI-Design at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne.

Read more about this in the Wohnidee Magazine (sorry, german only).

Now on youtube: clubkinder artist talk at heliumcowboy

Im ersten Teil unserer neuen Reihe spricht der Hamburger Künstler Jörg Heikhaus aka Alex Diamond über sich und seine Arbeit. Als Urgestein der Hamburger Kunstszene teilt er seine Beobachtungen und Einschätzungen zur aktuellen Situation der Kunst und des Kunstmarktes in Hamburg mit uns. Durch den Abend führen der Clubkinder e.V.

In case you missed it live at the heliumcowboy gallery or on TV last Sunday - here's the full video from the clubkinder artist talk with me, which was held on January 22 at our gallery. I was interviewed by Jannes Vahl, founder of the social organization clubkinder e.V., which supports social projects in Hamburg. Jörg donated one of his trademark Alex Diamond-photodrawings (see here), which was auctioned for the benefit of Sport ohne Grenzen e.V., a youth basketball project in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

Here is part 2 with the Q&A by the auditorium: 

The artist talk is a new program at heliumcowboy. Together with clubkinder e.V. and TIDE TV, we will hold regular artist talks at our space that are beeing screened on TV and streamed online.

In the press: Alex Diamond for 'Artists for Geberit' | Win exclusive bathroom luxury edition

Feature in german magazine 'Places of Spirit' about my exclusive art edition for the project 'Artists for Geberit'. 

Happy to announce my participation in „Artist for Geberit“, a new project by Geberit and heliumcowboy. You can win my artwork exclusively printed (only once!!!) on the glass surfaces of the Geberit „Monolith“ toilet and washbasin modules - here’s a link to more information and how to take part.

Also I am stoked about the other artists that will be creating work for "Artists for Geberit": Julia Benz & Jeff Soto! Their artwork will follow in July & August (stay tuned).

Below are some images from my designs and the development process as well as some mock-ups with the luxury bathroom elements you can win. 

Cover art for the Mercedes Mixed Tape #59

My cover artwork for the Mercedes Mixed Tape #59, released November 7, 2014. © Artwork & Photography by Alex Diamond

I was very honored for being asked to contribute the cover artwork for the famous Mercedes Mixed Tape! The original work I created for the edition #59 was drawn over a very personal photograph, something I usually never do but in this case it was just too tempting to resist: the picture was taken several years ago on a vacation with my family, riding around the beach in our Mercedes Benz 230S (built 1967, in my ownership since 1997). 

The music compilation featuring this cover went online November 7, 2014, and can be downloaded here.

New project: The Water Lounge for Hase+Igel in Düsseldorf

Water & sanitation ist most important: 'inside' my work for 'Hase + Igel', a new restaurant by celebrity chef Stefan Marquard in Düsseldorf. With superkind support by Geberit.   © Alex Diamond for Geberit & Hase + Igel

Water & sanitation ist most important: 'inside' my work for 'Hase + Igel', a new restaurant by celebrity chef Stefan Marquard in Düsseldorf. With superkind support by Geberit. 
© Alex Diamond for Geberit & Hase + Igel

I have been spending some time this summer working on a great project, and this past week I actually went to Düsseldorf to paint on location: at the construction site of 'Hase + Igel', the new restaurant of celebrity chef Stefan Marquard.

Earlier this year I had been asked by Stefan and Geberit, the european market leader in sanitary technology, to develop and execute an artistic concept for the bathroom facilities of the restaurant. The restrooms are equipped with Aqua Clean shower toilets and beautiful, high-end luxury modules by Geberit (called 'Monolith'), which I included in my design, using silkscreen printing on the glass parts. The entry and hallway in front of the bathrooms underwent a massive paint job I did using aerosol (by Montana cans), markers (by Molotow) and acryllic paint (by Lascaux).

Now the whole environment is called the 'Geberit Water Lounge' - and it is absolutely not your average restroom anymore ...

The restaurant will open Saturday, Oct 18, and if you are the area I hope you can check it out. It is definitely a very different culinary and aesthetic experience. And I mean this only in the best way! Stefan Marquard and his whole crew certainly know the meaning of Punk, and are living the Rock'n Roll life, be it in or out of the kitchen ... 

'Message in a Bottle' at SCOPE Miami

I have been invited by Lori Zimmer, founder of the ART NERD universe and New York based author and curator, to participate in a very special project for the SCOPE Miami art fair taking place this December.

For 'Message in a Bottle', a group exhibition featuring an amazing line-up of artists including Ron English, Beau Stanton, Tara McPherson, Shark Toof, Molly Crabapple, Kenny Sharf and David Shillinglaw (to name a few), Lori will convert the booth of Quattlebaum Foretich Gallery (Hamptons) with a maritime theme (quote): 

"'Message in a Bottle' explores the romantic history of blindly throwing messages to sea, leaving it to the hands of fate to deliver them to their intended recipient. Visitors are invited into a maritime ship chandlery, where contemporary artists have created their own message for the ages, captured inside bottles and waiting to be unlocked by their new owners. A special animation by Beau Stanton will further the seafaring fantasy."

So, here's a little image documentation of how I tackled the theme and the interesting technical challenge I faced getting woodcuts inside the bottles ... 

The messages in the bottles are of course the little woodcuts and the story they tell.

However, I have included tiny letters in the base of the bottles. Right at the bottom, underneath the woodchips (which, by the way, come from the carvings in the bottles, had to add some from other works too, but only a few ).

To read this messages, the buyer would have to break open the bottles which will most likely never happen. So the text on these messages will forever be my secret… unless … someone owning the bottle really gets too curious … I guess an ‘artist created-Message in a bottle’ will in most cases will fail its purpose, because if there should be, (for example) a cry for help bottled up inside, no one will ever come to the aid, cos the artwork is of much more value if unopened? 

We'll see ... 

PS: Needless to say, I have been using bottles previously containing the social water of Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e.V. ...