New label for Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei


Always happy like a little child on Christmas when I hold one of the beers by Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei with a new label created by me in my hands! The latest one is for FOFFTEIN, a blonde Ale that Oliver Wesseloh created jointly with Dominik Großefeld, the owner of the legendary St. Pauli bar Silbersack as their house brew.

It is the most-Hamburg-related label I created for Kehrwieder so far, and I am superhappy with the result. And the beer is super nice as well, as always with the beers that master brewer and beer artist Oliver produces!

Enjoy responsibly!

Hands and carburetor by my buddy Mario Kleinschmidt /  Kleinschmidt Kustoms .

Hands and carburetor by my buddy Mario Kleinschmidt / Kleinschmidt Kustoms.

Coming soon: The Love Me Or Die - new limited edition artist beer!

Here's a little sneak peek, a little glimpse at the creation of the label and print artwork for the soon to be released "The Love Me Or Die", the 2nd limited edition artist beer I recently brewed up together with my man Oliver Wesseloh, head honcho at Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei in Hamburg ... stay tuned!

PS: The beer will be released in a limited edition of 100 six-bottle-boxes including an 8-color silk screen print of the artwork ... printed again by the wonderful Dolly Demorrati / Motherdrucker Berlin. A bunch of single bottles will be available too.  

PPS: The beer edition will be launched Friday September 14, 4–9 pm, at the heliumcowboy gallery.

PPS: The name of the beer 'The Love Me Or Die' is the title of a song by C.W. Stoneking that was part of the inspiration for this brew and the artwork. Listen to the man! He is incredible!

PPS: Yes there is already a larger and pretty complex woodwork of mine with the same title - it was part of an exhibition last year and already showed my obsession with the story of this particular song. The label artwork is basically the same, only not carved, and flat,  and with more skulls … (here's more about the original artwork).


Video from the opening of the exhibition "Weapons Of Mass Seduction 2" by Philip Simon / Silberblick.co

This winter, from November 11 – December 15, my friend and fellow artist Victor Castillo and me embark once again on the journey of a joint exhibition. A cooperation we begun in 2014 with the first edition of "Weapons Of Mass Seduction" - we feel our work fits very well together, in it we tell stories of similar reference and we do have the same taste in art, movies and music, which mirrors a lot in our pop-oriented creations. A perfect match, despite the very different techniques we use.

We always wanted to do a sequel to this 2014 show, and finally we managed to find the time and the support for a second edition. While our concept is not exclusively tied to the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg, it was the most obvious to do it here again.  Which said - we are both open to show the third edition in a different city, country and gallery ...

Anyway. The Opening on Nov 11 was a blast! Here are a lot of gallery views from the exhibition. There will be a video and some images later from the opening, too. And all the exhibited artwork can be found on the gallery's artsy-page.  

Oh and here's a video from the opening back in 2014 ....

Video from the exhibition Victor Castillo & Alex Diamond WEAPONS OF MASS SEDUCTION September 13-27, 2014, in Hamburg presented by heliumcowboy gallery / Film by Kool Motion Pictures / Tobias Sundermann / Music: Walkin' by NITRO17 

Collaboration work: Mist Of Madness - with Jay Olé & Rune Christensen

Jay Olé, Rune Christensen & Alex Diamond: MIST OF MADNESS (2016)
30 x 40 cm, paper, acrylic paint, ink, marker, spray paint on woodblock

This is a collaboration with fellow artists Jay Olé and Rune Christensen for the exhibition MIST OF MADNESS at the heliumcowboy artspace in Hamburg. MIST OF MADNESS is a group show curated by Rasmus Fischer, curator of the Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK).

In addition to the original artwork, this piece was also editioned as a limited silk screen print that was sold at the opening of the exhibition on November 4, 2016. While the original artwork was sold on the vernissage, there may still be a few prints left, please check the heliumcowboy online store if your are interested.