Too old to die young | woodcut, Febuary 2014

'Too old to die young' | woodcut, acrylic paint, 105 x 85 x 10 cm (41,5 x 33,5 x 4 inches), 2014.
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In my recent quest to adding even more visible depth and traditional craftsmanship into my woodcuts, I've been vanishing these past weeks in my workshop cutting and carving and painting this rather complex piece of work (and while it may be based upon a photo of mine it is NOT intended to be a self-portrait ...) 

It is my most recent take on contemporary culture and its recurring recognition patterns, which also includes the usage of claims (such as 'Too old to die young'). In these works, I am referencing the constant recycling, reliving and reinventing of major elements of past (youth) cultural & political movements into our current, very modern, brand driven times. 

This is the second artwork I've created in this manner since late last year ('You were born inside my heart' being the first, check this link), and this will mark the direction I am currently taking working forward to my joint exhibition with my dear friend Victor Castillo in September 2014 in Hamburg. More information on this very special show will be released shortly.

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'Too old to die young' & 'You were born inside my heart' (more information)
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