Taking shots.

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Having worked as professional photographer early in my career, today I am getting behind the camera only infrequently in my art work, for example as part of mixed media pieces. Like the 'Photodrawings'  - where I ink (and sometimes paint) directly onto my own photography which I stage only for the purpose of drawing over it afterwards. 

The final artwork: woodcut 'You were born inside my heart' (more info)

And from time to time when I start out on a new work and I just need to get closer to an idea, pose or gesture that is in my head, I enter the creative process with a photo shooting to compose reference images for carving or painting.

For 'You were born inside my heart', I've worked with one of my favorite regular models, Natascha Seebacher, a young fashion designer and dressmaker from Hamburg (Taesh), to get my idea into shape. A shape I then used as a reference for the female figure in this woodcut. altering features along the way that I think match my composition and 'story' for the artwork.

Besides the original reference image Natascha and I created, below are some outtakes from the camera time. 

You can follow Natascha's ventures into the fashion designer world here

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