Rage. (or: Don't wake Schacke)

woodcut, acrylic paint, 30 x 40 x 3 cm (2013)

*UPDATE: This work was recently re-named to ,Don‘t wake Schacke‘, just my tribute to one of the finest guys in the universe.


After finishing the first woodcut involving The Incredible Hulk (read more), which was supposed to be a one-off created for the annual exhibition ,Don‘t Wake Daddy‘, the most prestigious international Low Brow-Gallery show in Germany at Feinkunst Krüger (Dec 2013), I got restless & hooked on the topic ... and went straight back to the studio to come up with this one. While the first work (,Don‘t get me started‘) is rather ,soft spoken‘ despite the anger represented in The Hulk, this one is rather wild and furious in every aspect of the painting. 

The title of the work, as in most of my recent woodcuts, is written within one of the many background layers I start out with when prepping the foundation for this kind of paintings and, as usual, hard or impossible to read once the work is finalized. Here, I have been working with the contradiction and built-in frustration found in the stronghold that we believe we need to build around us in order to protect our true feelings (and furthermore to keep control over the incontrollable), which eventually leads to rage: ,How do you say FUCK OFF and I LOVE YOU in one painting?‘

The Hulk, however, has no ability to hold back his anger, and to (often falsely) control the feelings that ignite rage. Thus said, in this work he is most likely one of the rare possible artistic depictions of emotions as irritating as the title suggests. 

Some more detail images from the work below, because unfortunately woodcuts are difficult to be shown properly in digital (or, for that matter, printed) form. At the end of the day, they are pretty haptic and  can only be properly apprehended (and probably even appreciated) when confronted live and personal.