'Don't get me started' | woodcut, Oct 2013

Don‘t get me started.
Wood carving, acrylic paint, wood, 40 x 30 x 3 cm (2013)
© Alex Diamond

This is the latest woodcut coming out of the studio, and most likely a pretty rare one regarding the depiction of a well known Superhero. A Superhero that‘s not really a hero at all times, and most definitely not from his own motivation, and the fact that anger triggers his transformation from nice guy to a huge and powerful menace made the Incredible Hulk become my all time favorite in the Marvel Universe. And yes, I do believe that he is the strongest of all Superhero‘s, and not Thor, as often claimed. 

In this work, The Hulk stands for the rage and anger inside of us (me), that comes out when certain triggers are pulled. The interesting question will always be: to what result? What are the choices made in these situations? How much do we loose control? And can we create something positive from anger at all? 

I am pretty sure this is something many of us can relate to. But it definitely is a very personal and „autobiographic“ work.

Some more detail images from the work below, because unfortunately woodcuts are difficult to be shown properly in digital (or, for that matter, printed) form. At the end of the day, they are pretty haptic and  can only be properly apprehended (and probably even appreciated) when confronted live and personal.

Note:  The inspiration for the depiction of Hulk came from Gabriel Hardman, a very famous and amazing comic artist who‘s been drawing this character for many years. His images simply stood out when I was researching the Hulk for reference material.