Philomena | new series of woodcuts (WIP)


A little update from my new series ... the special and new thing with this one is that I am working really colorful and that I am using my woodcutting technique to bring out different layers of colors in the work itself after I’ve painted over it .. well, it may not make sense in words, but then again most art doesn’t, so I hope these pictures help.

I am going to show the first few works of this series at "X Jahre Kunst in Hamburg"** Nov 14-17 at the Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg (Vernissage Nov 14 at 7 pm).⠀⠀

** [ "X Jahre Kunst in Hamburg" is an annual group show of several Hamburg art galleries in the huge space of the Affenfaust Galerie . I will show with heliumcowboy alongside my dear friend Jens Rausch. Other galleries in the show:Feinkunst Krüger, Galerie Kai Erdmann, heliumcowboy, Galerie Oel-Früh, xpon-art, Oberfett, Evelyn Drewes I Galerie, Gudberg Nerger Gallery, Affenfaust Galerie ]

Study of a cowboy

Study - woodcut, acrylic paint (40 x 30 cm) © Alex Diamond / Jörg Heikhaus

Study - woodcut, acrylic paint (40 x 30 cm) © Alex Diamond / Jörg Heikhaus

A study of a Cowboy for a new direction of woodcuts/paintings I am working on. I am really happy with where this is going so far. Now it is time to start with the larger format and see where it takes me. ⠀

Some people may wonder why my work varies a lot between series. There is a 100% similar handwriting, but still, I am exploring new ways a lot. ⠀

Simple reason: curiosity. Bundled with my dedication and passion, it lets me search for different paths quite often. And at the end of the day, the only person my process has to satisfy is me.⠀

I still hope you like it ;)

Latest works


I have finished some new work lately, it is great to be at the studio again.
If you are interested in these woodworks, please visit either heliumcowboy.com/store or get in touch with heliumcowboy.

Think of me only when you dance (2019) Acrylic on wood / woodcut 50 x 30 cm

Think of me only when you dance (2019)
Acrylic on wood / woodcut
50 x 30 cm

Come away with me (2019) Acrylic on wood / woodcut 50 x 30 cm

Come away with me (2019)
Acrylic on wood / woodcut
50 x 30 cm

Monkey eyes (2019) Acrylic on wood / woodcut 40 x 30 cm

Monkey eyes (2019)
Acrylic on wood / woodcut
40 x 30 cm

Current exhibition: We're still here (Group)

Some of my work is currently part of the group exhibition "We're still here" at the heliumcowboy gallery in Hamburg, featuring: Mercedes Helnwein, Ben Venom, Mikael Takács, Jens Rausch, Victor Castillo, Boris Hoppek, Jordy Kerwick, Henning Kles, Jaybo Monk, Rune Christensen, David Shillinglaw, Bene Rohlmann, Hyland Mather and Jon Todd.

All the artwork can be found on the artsy portfolio of heliumcowboy.
I've recorded a special episode of my heliumTALK Podcast live at the opening (german), you can find it on iTunes, spotify or heliumtalk.com

Exhibition is on display until May 17, send me a message if you want to take a look.

Consolidating my social media and great photos by Jo Fischer

Photo ©Jo Fischer

Photo ©Jo Fischer

This is one off the photos my friend Jo Fischer shot recently when he visited me in at my farmhouse up north in my own personal #cowboyland … Jo truly is a remarkable photographer.

But I’d like to say something else with this series of images (2 more below) …

I am making some changes to my social media channels, it is just too much to post to AlexDiamond-heliumcowboy-heliumtalk on facebook-instagram-twitter all the f***ing time … that is unhealthy. I think. So I decided to consolidate all this and post mostly on the @heliumcowboy instagram from now on.

Don’t worry, it’s all gonna be there: All the gallery news and artists work, all the new podcasts, my art, my woodworking, my tractor, my public life … so if you don’t already - please follow me on @heliumcowboy⠀

The @alexxxdiamond account on instagram will stay, sure, but it will be a portfolio of my work. Let’s see if my life gets easier. And thank you if you’ve read all the way down to here.

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

@ Jo Fischer / jofischer.com

New label for Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei


Always happy like a little child on Christmas when I hold one of the beers by Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei with a new label created by me in my hands! The latest one is for FOFFTEIN, a blonde Ale that Oliver Wesseloh created jointly with Dominik Großefeld, the owner of the legendary St. Pauli bar Silbersack as their house brew.

It is the most-Hamburg-related label I created for Kehrwieder so far, and I am superhappy with the result. And the beer is super nice as well, as always with the beers that master brewer and beer artist Oliver produces!

Enjoy responsibly!

Hands and carburetor by my buddy Mario Kleinschmidt /  Kleinschmidt Kustoms .

Hands and carburetor by my buddy Mario Kleinschmidt / Kleinschmidt Kustoms.

Daily Drawings | Meditations on Paper

A project to calm me down and to reset my hyper active days. Instead of meditating I stop everything I do, (literally) disconnect myself and get my mind free for a little bit of time (almost) every day by taking up pencil and paper for a short time. The result are these little drawings, all 19 x 18.5 cm in size.

And the best part: they are all for sale here - way below my usual price range. Because once they are done, I want to let them go: check my little online store for available pieces here.


I am very excited to announce the launch of a new T-shirt - I believe the first one I made in 8 years or so. And what a special one: This T-shirt marks the official launch of the 'Hamburg Chapter' of FC St. Pauli Toronto Fans, a Canadian Fanclub of the FS St. Pauli.

Why oh why? Well, it is a longer story, It began with Melvin living in Toronto for a while back in 2016. He wanted to watch the games of our team, so he found the Fanclub run by Mark & Mari Palmer, and they watched the matches together at a bar with a bunch of other Sankt Pauli fans. When I visited my son in Toronto I also was infected by the friendliness and hospitality of these wonderful Canadian supporters, and after a while we planned to launch an informal Chapter of the club in Hamburg. Just because we can and because it embraces the barrier- and border-free mentality of St. Pauli Fans. More about this on their website.

Now, we'll launch this Chapter. And I made this T-shirt for it. And it can be pre-ordered now in the heliumcowboy online-store.

A portion of the sales will go towards a children’s art project we are launching this year together with charity Clubkinder e.V. from Hamburg. Neither the artist nor the gallery will make any profit from this product.

Artist Statement

The very typical Alex Diamond-characters that organically embrace the skull and the wording are a symbol for the friendship and connection amongst Sankt Pauli supporters wherever you are in the world. These characters are a part of my artwork for at least as long as my 20-year long membership with the FCSP, and choosing to include the political and social statement that was also on the first T-shirt I was given by Mark Palmer, the founder of the Toronto Fanclub in Canada 2019 was highly important to me - now more than ever in these troubled times. 

I know that a T-shirt or a sticker will not make the world a better place, but it can spread the word and show our resistance, and you cannot repeat enough that this world is no place for homophobia, fascism, sexism, racism or hate. Not now, nor ever.

New logo for my heliumtalk podcast

Bam, here it is - the new logo / icon for my podcast heliumTALK. Yes it's an original woodcut (tweaked a bit in photoshop) and yes it's not shiny-designy but very much Alex Diamond. 💪

The first podcast of 2019 launches Tuesday, January 15 (Tuesday will be my regular launch date from now on). For that one I spoke with Charlotte Gaitzch & Franziska Storch from Saloon Hamburg.

I am also currently producing my recording with Michael Hein (Millernton) and will be launching part 3 of mny conversation with Jonathan LeVine (Jonathan LeVine Projects) Tuesday, January 22nd.

To listen to the previous episodes of my podcast visit www.heliumtalk.com, but ideally subscribe to heliumtalk on iTunes, Spotify, etc. ... if you don't have it already, get a good app on your mobile device for all your podcasts.