Daily Drawings | Meditations on Paper

For a limited time only: Buy a drawing (or more) and get a signed fanzine for free.


A project to calm me down and to reset my hyper active days. Instead of meditating I stop everything I do, (literally) disconnect myself and get my mind free for a little bit of time (almost) every day by taking up pencil and paper for a short time. The result are these little drawings, all 19 x 18.5 cm in size.

And the best part: they are all for sale here - way below my usual price range. Because once they are done, I want to let them go.

FRAMING OPTIONAL: You can now choose framing - once you’ve selected your drawing(s) click on “Add Framing” and choose the frame(s) you need.

"The Daily Drawings of Alex Diamond" - Catalogue / Fanzine


"The Daily Drawings of Alex Diamond" - Catalogue / Fanzine


"The Daily Drawings of Alex Diamond"
Volume I (drawings 1 - 50)

15 x 15 cm, 28 pages
Edition of 250


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