Daily Drawings | Meditations on Paper

For a limited time only: Buy a drawing (or more) and get a signed fanzine for free.


A project to calm me down and to reset my hyper active days. Instead of meditating I stop everything I do, (literally) disconnect myself and get my mind free for a little bit of time (almost) every day by taking up pencil and paper for a short time. The result are these little drawings, all 19 x 18.5 cm in size.

And the best part: they are all for sale here - way below my usual price range. Because once they are done, I want to let them go.

FRAMING OPTIONAL: You can now choose framing - once you’ve selected your drawing(s) click on “Add Framing” and choose the frame(s) you need.





If you want us to frame your drawing, please select the amount of frames you need (one per drawing). Frames are 20 x 20 cm, wood, matte black finish, with non-reflecting acrylic glass.

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